Windows • Horizontal and vertical sliding

Our windows up close:

  1. Multi-chamber structure
    Ensures window integrity and strength.
  2. Multi-layer weatherstripping
    Offers superior thermal and acoustic insulation.
  3. Fusion-welded corners
    Water and wind proof.
  4. Expert frame design
    Maximizes light penetration.
  5. Spacer technology
    Inex or Thermal-edge

Options available for our horizontal and vertical sliding windows:

• colours: cream, sandstone
• interior finishes (mouldings: 2’’, 3’’, colonial style)
• exterior finishes (2’’ or 4’’ brick mould, including J-trim)
• double-glazed thermal glass
• low-E argon
• tinted glass
• frosted glass
• hybrid window (aluminum covered; six colours available).
• aluminum decorative inserts

In striving to always satisfy our clients’ needs and tastes, Unique Windows also offers two lines of horizontal and vertical sliding windows. They are designed with the diligence and precision that drive our company. These windows are also manufactured using a multi-chamber frame system with multi-layer weatherstripping and a fusion-welding process to maximize their rugged performance. They are also equipped with childproof safety devices and, like all Unique Windows, they are designed to maximize daylight.

Additional options

The following options are also available for our horizontal and vertical sliding windows:

• Single or double-hung windows (one or two sliding elements).

Proven performance

Our horizontal sliding windows (single or double-hung)

Our vertical sliding windows (single or double-hung)

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