Installation • Doors

1. Before you start:
• Make sure that the space available between the door frame and the opening is about 1/2 ‘’ on each side and at the top.
• Be sure that the floor under the sill is level.
• Apply 2 caulking joints under the sill.

2. To make sure that the door is square and level, insert shims to adjust the door. Insert 3 shims on the hinges’ side and 4 on the handle side. Do not insert shims at the top. Make sure that all shims are positioned at the hinge’s level.

Be sure to install the door frame by respecting the level reading and not the wall positioning. The wall could be crooked and an installation following the wall could cause water or air infiltration.

3. With your door, you will find a bag containing 3 screws of 31/2 ‘’. Once the door is adjusted, open the door and install a screw in each hinge (illustration A). Then, screw in 4 screws (31/2 ‘’ are recommended) on the side of the handle at the height of the shims (illustration B) and under the Polyflex.

Note: To appropriately adjust the door sweep under the door, pull down the door sweep until the weatherstrips touch the sill. The hardware and the weatherstrips should not be painted.

Warranty: If the door is not square and level as suggested above Unique Windows could cancel its warranty and will not be held responsible for any charge or damages due to a faulty installation.

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